About Ray Smith

My love affair with photography started as a kid with a Brownie Hawkeye camera…my aunt and I agreed that I would take unlimited photos of her children (my younger cousins). She would then pay for all the film & printing.

I took a lot of child photos, some posed but mostly candid.

Several years (and cameras) later, I found myself in Viet Nam with a Minolta SRT-101 film camera. Took some good photos & then moved on.

Much later, while hiking in the Colorado mountains, I tripped & landed on top of my camera. That took care of the shutter mechanism. The result left me without a camera for a while.

My wife & I were on vacation in Chile as the digital photography revolution took hold. We met a freelance photographer who was shooting professionally with digital (gasp!) instead of film…and doing quite well. That got me back into photography.

After a progression of digital cameras, I now shoot with a Nikon D-850, DSLR. My Light Room collection of 15,000+ images includes a number of spectacular wildlife, & landscape photos.

Please note that all of the photographs on this website (except those on the Contact page) were taken by me personally and in the “wild”. None were taken in a zoo or any other place where there are tame or semi-tame animals.

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